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Transforming lives with better options, backed by experience! We are trusted by patients and healthcare professionals around the globe.



Always Offer Quality Products! With an approach to deliver quality medicines, we are able to help people live longer, happier and healthier.


We at Tevez, mainly focus on making available medicines and other pharmaceutical products at affordable costs to all categories of patients.


Our main aim is to make accessible the necessary medicines for patients suffering from all health conditions and attain a global health coverage.


We are committed to bringing essential medicines to more patients and thereby improving their lives by providing the medicines they depend on.

About Tevez


Tevez Lifecare is one of the most innovative pharmaceutical company established in Bangalore, India.  As a Bio Pharmaceutical Company, we concentrate on research and marketing pharmaceutical formulations in India.

Vision Tevez


Our focus is to emerge as one of the most respected Health Care Company in India, by transforming lives of patients, through innovation and delivery of Differentiated Drugs with High Quality and Affordability.

Mission Tevez


Our mission is to provide quality pharmaceutical products for prescription applications that are economically viable for our customers, while providing value to our investors, all within a supportive and rewarding work environment for our employees.

Quality Products for Healthy Life

Our Products

Listed are some of our medicines applicable for various medical conditions

Coxtev - Etoricoxib 90 mg Tablets

A faster, safer and convenient solution for patients with acute & chronic inflammatory painful conditions. Offers inflammation free, pain free life.

Neurovez Methylcobalamin Injection

Protected one gets saved! Health becomes Happiness. When you want comprehensive nutrients for your patients with Neuropathy with Vitamin D deficiency.

Tolvez Tolperisone 150 mg Tablets

Flexibility to Function! An effective and flexible solution that helps reliving spasm and acute back pain due to peripheral vasodilation.

Montevez Montelukast, Fexofenedine Tablets

When your patients have sneezing & wheezing, clears congestion, allows free flow. Treats Allergic Rhinitis and LRTI & URTI infection along with antibiotics.

Our services


Tevez Lifecare is a reliable pharmaceutical company dedicated to providing best in class pharmaceutical products and services in the pharmacy industry.

General Medicine

It is definitely very essential to look after your health. We ensure good general medication for minor illness such as headache, aches and pains etc.

Neuro Care

Collaborating with you and your physician, we ensure to provide you with effective neuro medicines, based on your conditions.

Orthopedic Care

Offers cost effective medications for orthopedic care, thus helps patients and medical professionals to manage the conditions.

ENT Care

When hearing is restored, life is enjoyable. We aim to provide superior and compassionate care for the treatment of Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) diseases.

Get the right medical support

Give us an Enquiry

For more information regarding our products and fields we focus on, just make a call at 0484 – 2347777 or drop an enquiry at our mailbox.


0484 – 2347777
+91 99461 99989


Tevez Lifecare Private Limited
D3 indraprastha Apts
5th main, OMBR LAYOUT,
Bangalore 560043

    Our vision is to emerge as one
    of the most reputed healthcare
    company in Global Pharma arena.

    0484 – 2347777

    Our List of Products

    • Neurovez
    • Neurovez GT
    • Neurovez Plus GT
    • Neurovez G 100
    • Neurovez PSR
    • Neurovez Plus Inj
    • Coxtev
    • Cinavert
    • Tolvez
    • Montevez
    • Ginkocetam Plus
    • Ginkocetam
    • Thiokool D Gel
    • Thiokool MR
    • Pantev
    • Pantev DSR
    • Alertev A

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